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Software Selection

“Our current software does not meet our business needs. How do we avoid this from happening again?”


The system/software selection process can be a large time consumer and more times than not it often leads to missed expectations on the purchase. AmeriTES' process focuses first on defining your business goals and technology needs to ensure everyone understands what the solution needs to accomplish. AmeriTES is not affiliated with any software vendors and evaluates applications and processes based on the business requirements and objectives of each client. We identify solution candidates that meet your needs and narrow the competitors down to 3 to 6 providers. We then use a series of selection review sessions where we facilitate demos, identify requirements gaps, and provide cost and timeline estimates.Once a solution has been decided upon, we work with you to design a project roadmap that outlines technical requirements, resource skills needed, timelines, and budget. Using our Project Management services, we can facilitate the delivery of your solution. Our software selection process also allows us to help you create RFPs, negotiate contracts (delivery and service), and manage vendors throughout the process. AmeriTES IT services can guide you through the entire software selection process and can offer assistance during implementation or support.


Before any software selection can begin, companies need to determine their business objectives. Common Business Objectives include:


  • Improved and auditable processes

  • Automation of manual processes

  • Integration across departments

  • Improved data analysis options

  • Enhanced and integrated reporting



Our Approach


AmeriTES has conducted numerous application selections for various industries. Our proven methodology has been successfully applied by the majors and mid-sized businesses alike. Our goal is to generate a quantifiable comparison of the features and benefits offered by each system. AmeriTES brings the expertise required to conduct a thorough analysis within a reasonable timeframe.


Depending on the needs of our client, AmeriTES can manage and complete the following activities:


  • Project Planning and Scoping

  • Development of Vendor Long List

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Company Specific Requirements

  • Preparation and Submission of the RFP

  • Recommendation of Vendor Short List

  • Preparation and Management of Vendor Demonstrations

  • Reference Checks

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculation

  • Completion of Vendor Scorecards

  • Presentation of Recommendations & Supporting Documentations

  • High-Level Implementation Planning

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