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Change Management

“Our goal is to achieve success through people, process, and technology transformations”



Recent research has found that up to 75% of projects fail without some level of Organizational Change Management (OCM). Change is a natural force; it may come from planned events or erupt unexpectedly. Just as the nature of change is varied, so are responses and reactions to changes whether planned or not. To avoid poor performance and ensure greater levels of success, companies must consider the advantages of investing in an organizational change program that is proven to increase chances of implementation adoption.


Organizational Change Management programs extend far beyond mere communications to effectively deal with change adoption, competency development, cultural implications, and stress reactions to change. The right OCM strategy is an “essential component” to achieve on-going performance, realize change goals, and retain key talent. If you have a change program already, will it deliver the results you need?


What can you do to improve your odds for project success and where do you start? AmeriTES can conduct a change impact assessment to understand the amount of change affecting individuals and teams based on your project. We can work with you to identify a strategy and approach to manage your organization’s adoption challenges. We utilize our experiences with process and technology implementations to collaboratively manage change during your project execution; delivering expected results.


Managing the implications of change is crucial to produce positive results for staff, management, customers, and stakeholders. To minimize the negative impacts (such as non-adoption, resentment, workarounds to using the software, etc), these Change Management strategy and techniques, as depicted below, can help minimize the impacts of organizational change and produce positive results from changes to business process and technology.


Our purpose is to ensure that the people in your organization are ready, able, and willing to accept and implement change, and to regard it as an ongoing requirement to achieve future success.

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