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At American Technology Enterprise Services (AmeriTES) we help America's top business leaders solve their toughest business problems. Therefore we need smart, innovative thinkers who aspire to incredible things and value teamwork. The learning curve is steep, but the work is exhilarating. And your career potential is infinite. Join our team.



Opportunities at AmeriTES


AmeriTES hires bright, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about making a significant impact on the world around them. We recruit associate consultants and consultants for full-time positions from top-tier universities and leading business schools. Summer intern programs are available to first-year MBA and MS in Computer Science students who are looking to experience the real world of consulting. In addition, we seek experienced professionals with three or more years of prominent industry experience, looking to make a change in their careers.


Successful candidates will have demonstrated sustained high performance in professional and academic settings. Those with intellectual curiosity, infectious energy and a preference for teamwork are encouraged to apply. Fluency in English is required.


If you are interested in a non-consultant position at AmeriTES, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role on our career website:



Practical and supportive learning experience


Our US office is growing, and we’re offering a unique and accelerated learning environment to those who join us. At AmeriTES you will work with highly talented and diverse groups of people both within and outside of AmeriTES on a variety of assignments across industries. AmeriTES’ entrepreneurial setting allows our employees to enjoy more responsibility than their peers elsewhere. Because our top management takes a keen interest in the professional development of every employee, you will develop a transferable set of general managerial skills early on in your career. Should you ever decide to leave AmeriTES, those skills can be used in organizations of any size in any industry.



International exposure


AmeriTES offers the advantages of an entrepreneurial start-up with the benefits of a well-established global company, such as security and access to a broad network. AmeriTES’ short-term transfer program is another benefit, which allows AmeriTES’ staff to gain international experience. Through the program, our staff members have the opportunity to work in another AmeriTES or Partner office across the world, interacting with people of different cultures and sharing best practices.



Dynamic culture


AmeriTES provides a great deal of flexibility to suit our employees’ particular needs, including allowing staff to take sabbaticals and externships at other companies. And to ensure that our employees are able to maintain a work-life balance, we rigorously track the hours they work, even during client engagements.


We have a very informal, fun-filled and close-knit culture at the US office. An open-door policy and social events like open air social parties and games —which are very popular—help consultants, managers and partners get to know one another better. Cultural celebrations and holiday parties are other annual events that everyone looks forward to.

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