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Software Implementation

If your company decides to upgrade its software, there is only so much your software vendor can do for you and only so much you will have time to do for yourself. AmeriTES has the expertise to tackle even the most complex software implementations, whether you're bringing up specific modules, an entire Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, acquiring another company or large set of properties that need to be added to your system.


Once you begin the path to convert to a new software system, there are a multitude of considerations that AmeriTES can guide you through:


  • Executive Support – Executive support is critical to a successful implementation. Without the support from Leadership, it will not be supported from the rest of the team. Team Collaboration is Key!

  • Active Participation of the entire Project Team – During implementation, team members can easily get distracted or get off track. It is important that every team member maintains their focus to achieve the desired objectives.

  • Maintain Focus on Business Objectives – Scope Creep is a common trend with Software Implementation. It is critical to stay focused on what needs to be accomplished vs. what can be accomplished.

  • Company Awareness – Be aware for any issues, concerns, or push backs that might be the result of the software implementation.


Our methodology is highly structured to give you assured quality and reduce business risk.





  • Analyze current requirements, particularly those that differentiate the company from other firms

  • Document any new functional or non-functional requirements




  • Merge best practices with new software functionality to make processes more efficient and reduce costs



Data Cleansing


  • Identify and cleanse poor data to make the most of your software investment



Data Conversion


  • Ensure that each data element is addressed

  • Data is cleansed, mapped and loaded into the new system

  • Data accuracy is achieved by multiple validation tests and business user involvement



Systems Test


  • New functionality, interfaces and sets of untested code are put through rigorous scenario testing to ensure that the results you get are accurate



User Training


  • Work with software vendors and your management team to structure tailored classes that provide hands-on interaction

  • Ensure that your people understand and feel comfortable with the new software



Business Simulation


  • Focus users on testing key business scenarios,

  • Help users understand their new day-to-day responsibilities in light of the new application and processes,

  • Perform rigorous testing with large sets of data.



Cutover Planning


  • Load data from old system to new system

  • Document each step in limiting access and functions in the old system as data is extracted from it and loaded to the new system

  • Validate the accuracy of the load by verifying the master data

  • Provide a comprehensive plan that list of all steps involved in the cutover and provide a set of instructions for each functional area using the old and new software



Post-Go-Live Support
  • Offer post-go-live support ranging from general fire-fighting and user support to establishing IT support processes

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